NVX MUTNTS – Anubis Please

The New Mutants is a raw and rough underground Hip Hop  group from France. In all its infamous splendor, they are the first to bring the notion of SUPER GROUP in the Circuit of Rap in French.

5 rappers, all from Val Mobb, 3 generations of MC’s representing a Hip Hop in its least diluted form. The personalities and flows of Dark M, Waltman, Nitraxxx, Lord N and Dyzberg are distinguished and mingle in their first project discography common concept album.

Bathed in a common Rap culture, influenced by the scenes of Detroit or Oxnard in California, all five were shocked in the early 2000s by the sound of labels like Definitive Jux, groups like Compagny Flow or Antipop Consortium. Today their desire for experimentation and their artistic direction turned towards the future, can bring them closer to the new indie scene such as OFWGKTA, Dope D.O.D, Run The Jewels, or even guys like Danny Brown.

Currently under development within FullBoxDigital, the new division of the Coffee Break label, their Power Rap is headed and dubbed in the studio by the wizards of The School Who Science The thing and blessed by the productions of beatmakers such as Olivier Sexan, Kyo Itachi or BuddySattiva, and enjoys in the studio the talents of the musicians and soundmen of the coffee house.