NMB pronounced Numb is a music artist and member of ADWE a collective group of artists which stands for A Dreams Worth Everything. NMB originally from Chicago Illinois but currently based out of Daytona Beach Florida. NMB is 21 years old and has been involved with music since he was only 14 when he started playing the guitar. NMB started singularly focusing on his music after his mother got sick and he needed to find a way to help financially.

NMB doesn’t just make music for money However throughout his life he has been homeless multiple times and has dealt with a multitude of familial, mental, and financial problems which he talks about in his music. “I want to tell my story in the hopes that it helps someone else realize that maybe things actually can get better” Music is his savior in times where he was unable to find anyone to speak too NMB was able to speak to the universe through song and it’s his hope to share those songs with the entire world.

On October 31st NMB released a music video for his first single Wassup! as well as his second single Ode to the city a loveletter to his home town of Chicago. Currently NMB has another single releasing December 15th and an EP set to be released sometime in February. After that he plans on focusing on a debut first mixtape.