REFLECTION is an audio representation of Kenji being able to come face to face with all the „demons“ he carry with…and instead of suppressing these feelings, he’ve decided to come to terms with them, so he can continue progressing on his journey to become the best version of himself.

2018 has presented Kenji with so many opportunities, blessings and hardships as well. From getting his apartment broken into and having most of his music equipment stolen and then being able to bounce back creating this one of a kind album. The idea around this album was to focus on the concept of self-reflection. A way of coming face to face with the demons we all carry on a day to day basis and learning to live them. He personally can not see himself progressing in life by only embracing the good in life but never accepting the evil.

„So tell me..what do you see when you look at me?“

Unlike his previous self released albums/mixtapes, Kenji decided to charge for this project since he put a lot of time, money, and dealt with quite a few legal hurdles to get this out. He always want to be able to give everyone the best music he can possibly produce at the moment.

Kenji have to invest in studio time, beats, mixing, ect. At this point on his musical journey, all of this is starting to add up extremely quickly.