Jovan Landry – Synergy

Jovan Landry is a Chicago Inter-disciplinary Artist (Film, Photo, Music). The “One Third Emcee” started producing and rapping at 16 years old and has released 4 projects, taught at Old Town School of Folk Music and performed on stages nationally & internationally. In 2017, Jovan was awarded with a grant from WeWork Creator Awards to produce Synergy, an all-woman produced & performed Hip-Hop LP.

Enter SYNERGY, a Chicago-based collaborative Hip-Hop album curated by Jovan Landry. The idea came to Landry, a filmmaker, photographer and emcee based in Chicago a few years back when she noticed the lack of opportunities for women to produce Hip-Hop music. The album will not only feature some of the hottest women emcees in Chicago, but every producer, engineer Truncate, videographer, photographer and graphic designer involved with the project is a woman.“ ~ Nadirah Simmons, The Gumbo

Synergy consist a total of 11 tracks: Nine up and coming Chicago rappers/emcees were divided in half to contribute to one of the 2 lead singles: „Synergy Cypher Pt. 1“ and „Synergy Cypher Pt. 2“. Following the singles, the artist are randomly paired with another based on an original instrumental they chose. As the artists/producers worked with each together for the first time, writing and recording sessions were scheduled so they can meet and create their concept for their song. 5 songs resulted from these collaborations. The remaining 4 are interludes that consists of interviews with Chicago Hip-Hop „Veterans“ who has been involved in Hip-Hop for over 20 years. These women are emcees, educators, event organizers and mentors. It is important to allow their voices to shine and to show them how much they are appreciated, as they’ve paved the way for the artists after them.