Five Steez & Mordecai – Love N Art


What a great fresh new album, i really love it. Mordecai produced the 9 track album „Love N Art“ of jazzy and soulful boom-bap Hip Hop meant to inspire hope.

“This is my most honest and personal project yet. I believe it is my best body of work thus far and the music is very universal because of the sound and the message.” said Five Steez. This is an album for Hip Hop heads, but also anyone that appreciates good music with meaning and substance said Mordecai..ö.so what more can i say ??? Kick it!!

Over the past decade, Five Steez has unprecedentedly carved a lane for himself as an independent Hip Hop artist from Kingston, Jamaica through thrilling performances and a sizable critically acclaimed catalogue.

Reminiscent of Hip Hop’s golden era, with a common man’s perspective and an unheard Jamaican narrative, Five Steez’ music has been described by critics as ‘poignant’ and ‘soulful’.